Meet Our Staff

Who is there helping the youth and the community...

Get to know who makes the LaSalle Hangout run...

2023 Summer On Site Staff and Volunteers

Some of our staff and volunteers that are there to mentor and run the facility on a daily basis.


Alyssa P.


My Name is Alyssa, I specialize in child and youth work. My hobbies include reading and art. Glad to be here for the Summer of 2023.

Michael B.

My name is Michael, I have a Bachelor's Degree in Social Work, with plans to earn my Master's Degree. My area of interest is working with children and youth. My hobbies include sketching, reading and listening to music. Will probably lose to you in Foosball. 


Tabetha G.

Hey my name is Tabetha G and I recently finished my St. Clair program for Community and Justice Services. My hobbies include watching TV shows, movies, reading, and creative activities.

Aidan B.

Hello, my name is Aidan B. I'm hard working, future engineer. I do a love of programming for the youth and love to have fun as much as possible.


Justice H.

Hi! My name is Justice, I am a new mentor at LaSalle Hangout for Youth. I have a diploma in mental health and addictions. I love movies, reading and board games.

Previous Staff for the 2023 Summer

Some of our staff  from the summer 2023.  These wonderful members of the LaSalle Hangout family finished their contracts and are now missed greatly.

Mike M.

Heavy hearts prevail at the LHY with the departure of Mike.  He is out to enjoy his summer before stepping into a teaching roll.


Neil H.

As Neil left we were sad to seem him go but with the knowledge he is starting his teaching career we cheered to have him move forward with his life.

Jessica N.

Jessica is a fourth year social work student at the University of Windsor with a strong interest in mental health. She's incredibly hardworking, with a lot of get up and go, always willing to go the extra mile. She loves food, and outdoor activities such as hiking. She is potentially the best Uno player the Hangout has ever hired, but her ping pong skills could use some work.


Board of Directors

The people behind the scenes that keep the Hangout open and helping the community


Rama M.

As co-founder and still active Board member, the Hangout is a passion project as she saw the need and made it happen,

Brian K.

Brian is the other co-founder from 2015. He works on everything (including this site) at the hangout.  If something is going on, he either knows about it or is directly involved.


Sheila E.

She is the treasurer and controls all the finances

Tracey N.

Heart of gold And work the secretary position and keep everything in order


Jodi .

Working in the community health sector, she is currently our Chair Person who keeps us all motivated.

Lisa .

As a passionate community advocate lisa works tirelessly with all our communications and events.


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